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TASI Bank is Proud to Be a Sponsor of the 12th Annual Che’lu Chamorro Cultural Festival

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TASI® Bank, a division of Bank of Guam®, is a proud sponsor of the 12 th annual Che’lu Chamorro Cultural Festival (CCF) being held on March 23 at Oceanside Pier Amphitheater.

Chamorro people from around the world come together for the family-friendly event. March is synonymous with Chamorro celebration month in San Diego County, home to the largest population of people identifying as Chamorros. Chamorros are the indigenous people from Guam, Saipan, and the Northern Mariana Islands.

“As the U.S. mainland division of Bank of Guam,” said TASI vice president of marketing Alan Gaul, “we have a true heritage with the Chamorro culture.”

The most renowned cultural contribution of Chamorro is undoubtedly its culinary delights. CCF brings together some of the finest Chamorro restaurants serving San Diego County.

Millions of people know and crave Chamorro-style barbecue, red rice, chicken kelaguen, and more. The island food options at CCF are plentiful and can match almost any taste.

“CHE’LU, the San Diego-based non-profit, has organized this annual party that has grown to become the largest annual gathering of people interested in Chamorro art, culture, and food on the United States mainland,” said Danny Blas, the primary organizer of the event.

About TASI® Bank

TASI® Bank, headquartered in San Francisco and with a branch in San Diego, has served a broad community of business and commercial customers since 1983. A maverick in community banking, it builds value for its client base by being flexible and adaptive and providing the traditional services of a bank combined with online, fintech capabilities. A division of the Bank of Guam®, TASI encourages its staff to create and deliver innovative products and services that meet customer needs. It defines its success by the level of success that customers achieve. As a Minority Depository Institution (MDI) and an SBA Preferred Lender, it has the regulatory flexibility and the expertise to say “yes” to customers who may have been denied at other institutions.

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