Success, for our clients, is determined by what they want to achieve and how our PR and marketing programs help them reach their goals. For some, it is a feature article or an online review; for others, it is recognition of their products, management team or community contributions.

Here is a brief list of some of the recent accomplishments where we were integral to the success:

  • More than three dozen "ghost written" byline articles for clients for magazines, websites and periodicals
  • Video production (creation, scripting and development)
  • Website content (strategy, writing and editing) for more than a dozen client websites
  • Renaming and branding strategy for community banking client, Beacon Business Bank (
  • Multiple articles featuring Claremont Rug Company ( in the print edition of the Wall Street Journal, Financial Times and NY Times and expanded coverage online
  • Interviews and articles for real estate client (Foundation Homes Property Management (
  • SF Business Times story about two clients who collaborated to crowdfund a business in the Twitter Building in San Francisco
  • Separate interviews in the SF Business Times of the CEO's of two financial services clients
  • Interviews in the American Banker for several financial services clients
  • An eight-page feature about Claremont Rug Company in The Robb Report Collection
  • A feature about Claremont Rug Company in The Robb Report "Ultimate Gift Guide"
  • A profile of the founder of Claremont Rug Company in Apollo magazine
  • Placement of first person client articles on national business websites
  • Coverage for a North Bay Life Science Conference in the major newspapers and magazines in the service area
  • Three by-lined OpEd pieces for Redwood Credit Union in a key daily newspaper
  • A two-page feature in the Weekend Wall Street Journal , with Page 1 reference, featuring Claremont Rug Company client
  • A New York Times column devoted to Claremont Rug Company president, Jan David Winitz
  • Online interview with newly launched crowding client, Breakaway Funding, on the SF Business Times site
  • Annual by-line pieces in the AXA and Chubb Collectors newsletters for Claremont Rug Company
  • National recognition of the GoSolarMarin founder as a “Second Half Champion” by Wells Fargo Financial Advisors
  • Inclusion in the Financial Times of as one of three “emerging collecting trends” for antique rugs and Claremont Rug Company
  • Positioning of the owner of Claremont Rug Company as subject matter expert in two leading art periodical publications
  • Profiles of financial services CEOs in the San Francisco Chronicle, San Francisco Business Times and NorthbayBiz (magazine)
  • The lead Sunday Business story in the San Francisco Chronicle for Claremont Rug Company
  • Edited the book "Rosa Parks Beyond the Bus" and represented the author as book agent

TOBIN & Associates works with its clients to direct the messages to the right audiences whether they are local publications, national websites or the leading national and international daily newspapers.

Strategy Development

One of the more interesting assignments undertaken by Gary Tobin was as lead consultant for the U.S. Department of Treasury project to change the way that a variety of retail financial products, including U.S. Saving Bonds, Treasury Bills and TIPS were marketed and distributed to consumers. In 1999, the Bureau of Public Debt asked for a 10-year strategic plan for its TreasuryDirect service and Tobin led a team of five.

Tobin, having worked with Vint Cerf, one of the creators of the Internet/Worldwide Web in the 1980s at MCI, early on recognized its potential power and influence. One of the “audience-specific” recommendations in his report was to “increase recommends by Internet customers to Internet-reluctants…,” citing an understanding the leverage that the Internet would provide for “peer recommendations.”

The action items in the multi-phase report (BDD-00C-0011, 12/9/99) are still being implemented and included recommendations to:
  • Introduce the Internet as the primary transaction vehicle for U.S. Savings Bonds and Treasury Bills by replacing banks and “volunteer” drives
  • Increase the outreach to the “non-banked” population segment
  • Implement 24/7 customer service
  • Create direct relationships with consumers, which has developed into transaction card products

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