What We Can Do for You

Not every business has the resources to maintain expertise in every staff function. If you require corporate communications, public relations, marketing or reputation management support, TOBIN & Associates may be your answer. With more than two decades of experience working with and for corporations, not-for-profits and other consulting firms, Gary Tobin and his senior staff consultants can provide insights into your business, strategic solutions and fresh thinking about your opportunities.

Our expertise is delivering messages to promote ideas, to sell products or to establish and maintain a position. We know how to identify messages that resonate, that set you apart. And, we know how to find the right vehicle to communicate your messages to your target audiences. We think strategically and help you act tactically.

How We Operate

We provide you with a project outline, budget and timetable and we stick to it. We write in clear, concise language and get to the point. We listen actively.

We bill at an hourly rate or by the project, whichever works best for you. We do not markup ancillary services that we provide. We do not charge you for “in the course of business” telephone calls, faxes or other niggling administrative costs.

When you hire Gary Tobin, he is your primary contact. He is available. You also have the advantage of his more than three decades of experience in New York, Washington DC and London.  He has contacts and a network to work on your behalf.

TOBIN does  not take on more clients than it can handle. We would rather have a few good clients than a larger number of clients that we juggle. When appropriate, we call upon other our network of consultants and experts to implement projects that require additional support.

We are available to consult on an as needed basis. You are not “on the clock” each time you contact us. Our extensive experience allows us to design programs and to build budgets that account for frequent client/consultant contact.

TOBIN has worked with public and private companies, sole proprietors, nonprofit organizations and government agencies.  The hallmarks of every TOBIN relationship are personal contact and ongoing availability.

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