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Great Antique Oriental Rugs Create Grand Spaces.

OAKLAND January 29, 2019

For nearly four decades president and founder Jan David Winitz of Claremont Rug Company has collaborated with clients to provide one-in-the-world antique Persian carpets to complement the interiors of grand residential spaces with great rugs. Whether a lakeside home, a mountain retreat or primary residence, the homes benefit immeasurably from the emotional and artistic impact that their selections provide.

“I find that high-ceiling rooms with significant natural light allow for the creation of very special , entirely individual environments,” he says. “Many of my clients have remarked to me that the rugs that they select provide the ‘finishing touch’ for the grand spaces that they occupy.” 

Because of the expanse that many of these rooms provide, palace-size rugs with the addition of smaller pieces provide both an overall theme and a more intimate series of spaces in these environments. 

Serapi and Malayer Antique Rugs Distinguish and Unify Grand Spaces

Claremont Rugs


In this gracious lakeside family compound, two unique village carpets, a 19th century Serapi (foreground) and a 19th century Malayer (background) bring a sense of unity and warmth to the broad vistas that can be seen from this high-ceiling room. 

Ivory antique Persian Sultanabad in Florida sunroom 

Claremont Rugs

The addition of an oversize antique Persian Sultanabad carpet in this Florida sunroom unifies the expansive space and creates an inviting ambiance. There is an inimitable magic of fine antique rugs to that adds, as seen here, a sense of refinement to the furniture setting and enjoyment of the lovely views . 

Rare antique Hadji Jallili Tabriz Carpet in English sitting room 

Claremont Rugs

An exquisite 19th century oversize Tabriz attributed to the master carpet designer, Hadji Jallili, sets a pitch-perfect tone of elegant gentility in this refined yet comfortable sitting room, anchoring the space with a foundation of understated luxury. The superb 19th century Persian Court carpet features a grand rose window medallion which seamlessly complements an 18th-century French boiserie and Louis XVI furniture.

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