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New Results from Site Reveal Hardening, Negative Attitudes.

Many Question How a “Successful” Businessman Can Declare Bankruptcy Four Times

San Rafael, CA—February 4, 2016—More than four months of continuous polling at the website reveals that attitudes of responders are hardening and focusing in on four areas, according to Gary Tobin, who set up the site in October 2015.

Tobin, who said he monitors the poll results daily, indicated that there has been a “significant increase” in votes that describe Trump as egotistical and a buffoon and hefty drop (50 percent) in those who identify him as a successful businessman.

“While I do not claim to be George Gallup or Mervyn Field,” Tobin said, “I am confident that the results accurately reflect the attitude of those participating in the polling.  The primary vehicles for attracting people to the site have been Facebook and the website itself.  Disappointingly, I was informed yesterday by a ‘Happiness Engineer’ at that the site had been blocked from search engines but the situation had now been corrected.”

Tobin said he preferred to think of the problem as technical error and not a conspiracy.  “There are plenty enough conspiracy theorists out there, believe me,” he said.  “I read their comments every day.”

The results of the Iowa primary have not appreciably changed the tenor of the comments or the volume of the votes, he said.  He repeated an earlier disclaimer in today’s announcement. “Our polling is rigorous and not influenced by any candidate, party or political pundit,” said Tobin.  “You can trust me.  The votes are hand counted.

“As Trump himself might say,” he continued, “our results are the most scientific and the most accurate anywhere in the world. And we don’t buy lists to encourage traffic to the site.  It’s an all-American process, relying on the tried and true methods that made America great.  We are letting the voters have their say.”

Trump, theorizes Tobin, has met his match in the Republican primary on at least two fronts:

  • He’s not evangelical as Sen. Ted Cruz and
  • He’s not as smooth as Sen. Marco Rubio

“Poll results show that he is perceived as a thin-skinned bully,” said Tobin.  “That seems to drive him to Tweet more which costs him support with voters except his base, which is apparently much smaller than he realized.”

Another Tobin site, (pitting former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg against Trump), has not reacted to rumors that Bloomberg might run and has not produced a groundswell.

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